Rooster Jones
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Rooster Jones’ physique is not coincidental. It took several years to acquire the scientific knowledge and develop the training program necessary to mold his body into a physique that rivals the Greek gods. This knowledge has been extended to hundreds of individuals, ranging from one-on-one training sessions, personalized meal plans, and workout regiments to sculpt bodies into shape.  

Rooster Jones is the missing piece of the puzzle you’ve been searching for on your quest to obtain superior athletic performance and a chiseled body.   

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For any acting or modeling job requiring a man with the looks and strength of a viking, Rooster is the right fit.

Rooster Jones’ talents aren’t only found in the weight room. He’s also an aspiring model and actor. His portfolio includes multiple photo and video shoots, promotional materials, and expo work, to name a few items.

Rooster Jones’ professionalism is a welcome addition to any project or brand. 


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"The man knows fitness. He will get you in shape."

— Everyone

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Mr. Rooster M. Jones

Rooster Jones’ egg hatched in Southern California and he’s never considered flying the coop out of the Golden State since. A lustrous water polo and lifeguard career developed a healthy and active lifestyle into him at a young age. It wasn’t until he enveloped himself into the world of bodybuilding that Roster Jones realized he had found his true calling. Now, the accumulation of his expertise is available at your disposal. Rooster Jones can help anyone reach the fitness goals of their dreams, regardless of age or fitness level. 

Rooster Jones shares his wealth of experience with anyone who wants to transform his or her lives. Do you have a question for him? Feel free to contact the Rooster himself via the email address below.